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      It is hard not to
      perceive and thereby understand the serious and lasting socio-ethical
      liabilities if not downright evils that a joint Church-and-State
      regime could bring about to the confusion and lamentation of the
      people concerned – such as …


      So it is that in
      line with the painful reality of detestable “Tooth
      Decay” and the terrible
      implications of “Truth Decay”,
      the abominable phenomenon of “Urban Decay”
      has eventually come to fore – notwithstanding
      all presidential elo…

    • SO WHAT?

      So what if many
      Filipinos wallow in poverty and misery in their own Country, expose
      even their lives and limbs as OFWs in the hands of cruel people,
      suffer from the marked incompetence of their government, serve as
      milking cows of their corrupt publ…

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    cover - danger signals.pmd cover.indd 21-the-bishops-staff 04-annotations-on-rotal-jurisprudence-on-canon-1097-1098-1102